At Saponify, we use the best ingredients for your skin and our environment
Our goals include minimizing our carbon footprint through:
Reducing plastic waste 
Using efficient transportation methods and offering our products in bulk
Working with partners that value sustainability 
Recycling materials used in production and transport
And making a positive impact by:
Procuring responsibly-sourced ingredients 
In particular, sustainably farmed palm oil 
Supporting organizations that help small farmers
Ensuring no part of our supply chain uses child or forced labor
Never testing on animals and refusing to buy from companies that do
We use the most environmentally-friendly ingredients on the market
We stand against human rights abuse, degradation of the environment, animal testing, the use of dangerous chemicals, and unsustainable farming practices
Most importantly, we are constantly looking for ways to improve and making changes to meet these goals 
We love hearing from our customers!
Please reach out with any questions, concerns or suggestions