Frequently Asked Questions


I have never made soap before. Where Do I start?

Beginners should always start by getting inspired! Check out the designs and recipes on our site, or head over to instagram and Pinterest to find a cool project. Once you have decided what you want to make, choosing the right soap base and supplies will be much easier. Our variety packs are a great option if you are not sure what you want to make since they include a free silicone mold and our 8 favorite bases. 


Is it safe to make soap with my kids?

Soapmaking is a great family activity, but as always, be careful! The main hazards to children are the hot melted soap and knife used to cut the soap base. Children should never be left alone with anything hot or sharp. We recommend that adults cut, melt and pour the soap to avoid cuts or burns, but kids can always help choose the designs, toys to put in the soaps, scents and colors! 


Are your products Cruelty-free?

All Saponify soap bases are proudly cruelty-free! We never test on animals and won't do business with companies that do. 


Are your products Vegan? 

All of our bases are vegan unless explicitly stated in the name and ingredients. Honey, Goat's Milk and Donkey Milk soap bases are not vegan. 


I have allergies. Can I safely use your soap base? 

We make every effort to prevent cross-contamination during manufacturing. The label on our products contains all ingredients, and if you have an allergy to anything listed you should avoid using that soap base. To test whether a product is safe for you and your skin, we recommend testing the soap on a small portion of your inner wrist. As always, consult a doctor if you are not sure. 


I have a company. Do you sell in bulk? 

We love working with small companies and startups! Bulk pricing is available upon request, and large orders can usually be accommodated with advance notice. Contact us directly and let us know what you need.